Virtual Meetings Narrow Distancing’s Gap

The Cassia Life

The coming of coronavirus, the respiratory illness, COVID-19, that it causes, and the resulting world-wide pandemic presented the men’s group with a problem. To help decrease the spread of the sometimes fatal COVID-19, gatherings small and large are avoided. Utilizing Zoom is a way to hold meetings, albeit virtually, to reduce the possible transmission of virus while sustaining a level of connection. READ MORE

COVID-19 Family Resource Line

Faithful not Fearful

If you have questions about our infection prevention program, visiting restrictions or other questions during this time, please call 952-855-5005. I look forward to helping you. Frequently asked Questions How can I connect with my… READ MORE

The Chihuahua Wagon


By Wendi Dressen Director of Volunteer Engagement When I say “Chihuahua”, you say “Wagon”.Chihuahua. Wagon. Chihuahua! Wagon! What is a Chihuahua Wagon and what does it have to do with volunteering at Cassia?  So glad… READ MORE