The Face of Cassia

Violet Mukes at A & E Pharmacy, Minneapolis

The Face of Caring October 2020

Violet Mukes has been working at A & E Pharmacy in Minneapolis for one year. Pharmacies tend to be busy places, and pharmacists and pharmacy technicians need to be knowledgeable and at the same time, comfortable with customers as well as the many demands of the job. “Coming in with no pharmacy experience, Violet has grown tremendously throughout the past year. She is driven to learn new things at every opportunity. She is always providing the best customer service with a giant smile on her face,” says Pharmacy Manager Elizabeth Scott. Violet’s smile warms the people she serves, and if you ask her philosophy, she replies, “Life is worth living vigorously to the fullest.” Cassia is thrilled that Violet chose to work at A & E Pharmacy this past year.