The Face of Cassia

Stacy Spotts smiling, standing next to a resident of her community

Licensed Practical Nurse, Stacy Spotts

The Face of Caring – December 2020

December’s Face of Caring honors Princeton Elim Wellspring TCU and Temporary COVID-Unit Team Lead Stacy Spotts, Licensed Practical Nurse. Elim Wellspring was free of the virus until this past November. Staff created a unit for people with the Coronavirus to give them specialized care and attention.

Director of Nursing Jessi Sweazey, RN writes, “Stacy was one of our frequent caregivers—often working double shifts, overnight shifts and weekends to ensure our residents with the virus received everything they needed during the outbreak. Even wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) continuously throughout every shift, Stacy’s smile behind her N95 was evident. She displays a positive attitude about working in every capacity during these uncertain times. We are so thankful to see the outbreak subsiding, but it is an honor to do it alongside a strong leader and compassionate caregiver like Stacy Spotts.”

“When told she was nominated for the Face of Caring acknowledgement, her response was “This is what we do here, we work as a team, and take care of our residents.’ Spoken like a true leader,” Jessi adds. Stacy has been at Princeton Elim Wellspring since 2013. We are grateful for her service and leadership.