The Face of Cassia

Inviting New Dock Makes Life Easier and More Fun

Elim Shores Employee Ty Nosser holds up a fish he caught in Lake Mitchell.

If you’ve ever wondered what donors can do, think about this: the past year brought a lovely new dock to Elim Shores, overlooking our beautiful Lake Mitchell! Generous family members and residents had been contributing funds for several years, and at long last, our dream of a dock became a reality.

Resident Bill Ewald told us he was pleased he could fish off the dock last summer, along with Elim Shores’ Director of Maintenance Ty Nosser. Bill and Ty had previously fished from shore, and couldn’t be happier about this new development.

We are also exploring options for a pontoon boat in the future. “I love fishing and I’m so looking forward to the day when we have a pontoon and can walk out on the dock, hop in the boat and fish. It’s so peaceful,” Bill points out. We agree, Bill—and will keep everyone posted about the pontoon boat!

We are especially grateful to all Elim Shores donors. Your support makes all things possible. Thank you for fostering fullness of life in our community!