Age Tech


New and Novel Approaches

We are pleased to share some special programs at Augustana Care that have been characterized by the media and others as unique.

Our aim is to defy the stereotypes of aging through fresh approaches that may seem unconventional at first blush—but that ultimately make life better for older generations. Augustana Care will continue to explore the possibilities around us and partner with others in our community to make novel contributions to those we serve.

Here, you’ll learn about an initiative that brings college students to Augustana Care to live alongside older generations to experience their needs and perspectives. Students who live at Augustana Care are involved in a variety of health-related disciplines, including both medical and spiritual care.

You’ll also see why the furniture giant IKEA is working with Augustana Care to learn more about older adults’ needs when they are downsizing and moving to new locations. And you’ll discover how Augustana Care is partnering in a first-of-its-kind housing venture with other distinguished partners to serve older adults with low incomes.

We hope you’ll check in now and again to learn more about Augustana Care’s new programs and initiatives.

Our aim is to defy the stereotypes of aging.